Hiking and Running

Elba also offers several trekking routes immersed in the Mediterranean of the Natural Park.

The routes near the Marina Garden Hotel

A short walk from the hotel apart from the “trail of scents” that winds through Marciana Marina, Capon Valley and Ridge of Ripa. Along the way, tourists will appreciate the essences of wild lavender, fragrant broom, myrtle, rosemary, strawberry tree and the mastic tree, in a triumph of Mediterranean flavors. The trail is packed with information boards on the fauna of the island and where you can come across, from wild boar to the green tree frog, from ravens to herring gulls.

For hiking enthusiasts, along the path CAI n. 1 can be reached at 530 meters above sea level the hermitage of San Cerbone, the place where he fled the saint in 572, and from there continue until you reach the summit of the highest peak of Elba, Monte Capanne (1019 meters above sea level) . from whose summits you can enjoy breathtaking views. You can reach the summit of the mountain using the Cable car (open from Easter to October) which is located halfway between Poggio and Marciana. For more information visit the website www.cabinovia-isoladelba.it

Other fascinating journey is one that starts near the Fortress (XII century) in the upper part of the village of Marciana. The building dates back to the Republic of Pisa, was used by the population as a refuge during pirate raids.
The path between secular chestnut woods leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte. Place of worship, already in 1300, was built in 1595 and after several renovations in 1799 took its present shape. Here you can stop to give the eyes a panorama from enchantment, which opens up to Corsica, or to enjoy a minute of reflection in one of the chapels that mark the path with the Stations of the Cross.
The sanctuary, famous for the quality and freshness of its spring waters and for the discovery of a fresco attributed to Sodom, is placed in an area full of prehistoric remains.
Most fit ones can climb up to the crest of Monte Giove (855 m), one of the most scenic island’s most beautiful, where the rocks sculpted by the wind, have taken on disturbing human form.