Why choose Elba Island?


  1. Its beaches

    spiagge isola d'elba

    The beaches of Elba island are certainly one of the main reasons to choose this Island. Elba Island beaches are all different one another, some with golden fine sand or white gravel, other are wild overhanging coves, but they all have in common a turqoise sea with many fishes for snorkeling lovers. .

  2. Hystory and culture

    Elba Island is not only famous for having been Napoleon’s place of exile, but also because in the past it had a strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. As proof of this, there are still several fortresses and towers.

    Both Napoleon’s residences in Elba Island have become two Museums: Villa di San Martino, the country residence where he enjoyed to spend summer time and Villa Dei Mulini, in the historic center of Portoferraio, which was its official residence

  3. Suggestive Villages

    Ancient villages full of history and traditions, some of them have developed around maritime small harbours and other ones are on rocky spurs.
    If you walk around the paved streets of these small villages, time will seem to stand still.

  4. Hiking Paths

    sentieri escursionistici isola d'elba

    Elba Island is a green oasis within Tuscan Archipelago and it offers several trekking paths in contact with nature. To take long walks being surrounded by luxurian Mediterranean scrub is just some of many outdoor activities that you can enjoy in this Island