Dog beaches at Elba

The dog beaches at Elba are scattered throughout the territory. The island has fully implemented the regional law that allows dogs on a leash to freely access gardens, parks, beaches and other public places. The owners are obviously required the utmost attention to their four-legged friend for his own well-being and that of others. Dogs on the beach should not disturb other people or soil the environment.
All the municipalities of Elba have regulated the access to the beach of dogs and some have identified specific stretches of beach where it is allowed to lead them on a leash.
In general it is allowed to accompany the dog on the beach and have fun with him in the water both in the morning before 9 am and in the evening after 7 pm. This is also valid for Marciana Marina.
The Marina Garden Hotel is happy to host dogs and cats in their rooms together with their families. Being a short distance from the beach is an ideal starting point for long walks by the sea with your four-legged friend. Moreover, the sunset on the port of Marciana is a truly magical moment, perfect to share with the whole family.
Other dog beaches at Elba are in the towns of Nisporto and Porto Azzurro. In this last location there is a real dog-beach about 500 m long, is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and is easy to access on foot or by car. Here you can swim and play freely with your dog, it’s easy to socialize and make friends with other owners.