Capoliveri Bike Park

The Capoliveri Bike Park is the reference point for mountain bike enthusiasts on the Island of Elba. It is a well equipped park with about 100 km of trails that develop all along the promontory of Capoliveri, on the slopes of Mount Calamita.
The paths run in a wonderful landscape where Mediterranean nature dominates. However, large areas are also occupied by the remains of the mining activities that until the 80s characterized the mountain. So you cycle between red sand and rocks, between minerals and colored rainwater ponds.
Some paths lead to the discovery of small beaches and the coast.
In the Capoliveri Bike Park there are 5 permanent routes of varying length and difficulty. They are all properly reported and also the maintenance is excellent. By adding or interweaving these paths, you can create new itineraries that meet the needs of every athlete.
The park is not reserved for mountain bikers but is open to everyone: families, beginners, cycle tourists. Everyone can freely discover the promontory, stop to observe nature and the panorama: pristine beaches, cliffs, Mediterranean scents. Exploring the paths of Capoliveri Bike Park is the right opportunity to admire this part of the island of Elba from a different point of view and in complete autonomy.
The itineraries are passable even on foot and are perfect for organizing excursions, always paying attention to the passage of any cyclists.